Ear Reshaping & Reconstruction

Welcome to the UK’s leading ear-reshaping clinic,┬áled by Plastic Surgeon Walid Sabbagh.

Mr Sabbagh is a specialist ear reconstruction surgeon in the NHS at the Royal Free Hospital, London and is recognised as a leading international expert in Plastic Surgery of the Ear. His private practice is at the London Bupa Cromwell Hospital and peripheral hospitals around London.

About Mr Sabbagh

All types of ear misshapes problems are treated.

Correction of prominent ears is the commonest reason to request surgery. Mr Sabbagh offers a safe ear stitch technique that can be tailored to the patient desired look, as well as earFolds for appropriate cases. Other abnormalities include large ears, ear lobe problems and congenital misshapen ears.

Ear reconstruction is performed for birth defects, Microtia, and ear loss following accidents, infection or burns. These challenging complex cases are reconstructed using rib cartilage with excellent results.