Clear and concise explanation …

16th Mar 2021

Clear and concise explanation of the procedure. Listened to and answered my questions. Would highly recommend

Excellent service & result

25 Feb 2021

Waited 55 years and so pleased I’ve had it done. Had it done under local anaesthetic and it went very smoothly. Mr Sabbagh has great bedside manner and is excellent at what he does.

My 13-year-old had her surgery…

31 Jan 2021

My 13-year-old had her surgery 5 weeks ago and we are so happy with the results. Mr Sabbagh was excellent the whole way through, helped us not to feel anxious, explained the process, made it all seem very uncomplicated and encouraged my daughter to have the surgery under a local anaesthetic. Which made her recovery much quicker and I was relieved she had less chemicals running through her body. We are ecstatic with the results, as a mother I worried we were doing the right thing, but my daughter is now more confident and happier and it was completely the right decision to go ahead.

Don’t Give Up 🙂

1 Oct 2021

15 days post op

I was really worried about my operation as I had been told in previous years that what I wanted just wasn’t possible. I did my own research and sifted through pages and pages of ear pinning but that’s not what I needed. I needed an ear reduction on one of my ears as one ear was slightly larger than the other. I came across Dr Walid Sabbagh and booked a consultation. I felt extremely reassured and in great hands. I have had my successful operation and actually wore my hair up for the first time in 32 years – life changing, I can’t thank him enough! I would advise anyone that feels like giving up to have a consultation and discuss your options because an ear expert will be able to help.

Fully recommend

March 2020

I had an operation with Dr Sabbagh in April and he made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process of consultations and operation. My ears have healed perfectly and I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone considering having ear pinning surgery.

A great surgeon

Feb 2020

A great surgeon who specialises in all types of ear surgery. I had my ear pinned back by Mr. Sabbagh in September 2019. Before the surgery I was told all the details, was given a list of possible complications, and all of my lifestyle questions for post-op were answered in detail. The surgery process was not as scary as the internet makes it, my recovery was quick and I had almost no limitations when it came to my lifestyle, so I was able to go back to work after a few days off when my bandage was removed.
During follow-up appointments Mr. Sabbagh was friendly and helpful, all of my concerns were given appropriate attention and I felt reassured.
If you require an otoplasty I am definitely going to recommend Mr. Sabbagh for the job, he’s very skilled and ensures that him and his patients are happy with the outcome.

Mr Sabbagh was very honest


Mr Sabbagh was very honest about what could be achieved and the pre and post op care and attention was excellent! I am extremely happy with the result and would highly recommend him!

Mr Sabbagh was brilliant and…


Mr Sabbagh was brilliant and made me feel at ease 100%. He was thorough in his examinations and made sure he went through all options carefully with me. He made me feel comfortable and confident at all times. The surgery was smooth and quick. The scars are so clean and tidy and once fully healed won’t even notice them! Nadine was also brilliant in catering to all needs or worries I had. Thank you so much! You really and truly have changed my life for the better and I couldn’t thank or recommend you enough!

Fantastic! Would highly recommend

9 Jun 2018

Excellent from start to finish! Could not fault anything throughout the whole procedure. Dr Walid Sabbagh is a true gentleman and made me feel very comfortable after months and months of searching for the right person to perform my operation

Amazing experience, fully recommend

21 Nov 2017

I am 23 years old, and a couple of months ago had the otoplasty procedure. I could not be happier with the results! I was a particularly complicated case due to initial shape of my ears, and the results are natural and make a big difference. Mr Sabbagh was extremely dedicated, and the process was easy and stress free. I was booked in on a Thursday afternoon, back to work the following Tuesday and back at the gym after a couple of weeks (but I did wear a sports head band for any cardio). The initial stages of discomfort lasted for about 3 days. The recovery time required 5 days of wearing a head bandage, but after that I washed my hair and went back to work, only wearing a headband at night for additional comfort. I would 100% recommend Mr Sabbagh for this procedure due to the quick recovery time, excellent bedside manner and Mr Sabbagh’s impeccable attention to detail throughout the procedure and all follow up appointments which have fitted around 9-5 working hours.