Ear Reduction

Large ears, known as Macrotia, are rare compared to protruding ears. It is important to distinguish the two conditions as the surgical treatment for these is very different. Like prominent ears, large ears often result in social ridicule especially during childhood.


Different parts of the ear can be enlarged disproportionally and therefore the treatment has to be individually tailored to the patient. The upper third, middle and lower third (ear lobe) can all be reduced in size.



Mr Sabbagh performs ear reduction surgery under local or general anaesthetic as a day case procedure. The procedure is performed by removing a crescent of skin and cartilage and advancing the rim of the ear to close the gap. There will be visible stitches on the front of the ear for 7-10 days. Recovery is quick and return to daily activities is possible after a few days. After a few months the scars are almost invisible.