Ear Lobe Surgery

The ear lobe is very important for ear aesthetics especially if earrings are worn. The most frequent problem that requires surgical repair is a torn ear lobe. Other types of ear lobe surgery include Ear lobe reduction, congenital split lobe and abnormal lumps in the ear lobe.

Repair of torn ear lobe

This usually occurs over time from the earrings but can also be a sudden accidental tear. The repair is straight forward performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic. The skin lining the tear is removed and the wound meticulously stitched. This will leave a scar but after a few months it is almost invisible and the ear can be re-pierced.

Ear lobe reduction

There are a number of techniques available depending on the shape and the desired outcome of the ear lobe. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and the resulting scars are almost invisible after several months of healing. The most important factor in achieving a good result for all these conditions is careful planning and precision especially in the stitching to achieve the best possible shape and scar.