Revision Otoplasty

Unsatisfactory outcome following Otoplasty surgery can in most cases be improved. Such situations are complicated and cause significant distress to patients. Recurrence of prominent ears, asymmetry, poor cosmetic outcome and damage to the ear cartilage are examples where revision otoplasty is applied to remedy these difficult problems.


The ear may require further pinning and this can be easily achieved with the precision ear stitches. In some cases the middle part of the ear has been excessively set back resulting in so called ‘Telephone Ear Deformity’. This may be corrected by release of the scar tissue but usually a piece of cartilage needs to be added behind the ear to give support. Also in rare cases where the cartilage of the ear has been damaged because of complication, Mr Sabbagh can reconstruct the deformed area of the ear using rib cartilage.